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Reading statistics

Since August last year I’ve been keeping track of my reading via Bookkeeper, as I’ve mentioned before. It wasn’t till the other day, though, that I realized I could pull stats on how many pages I’m reading each day.

For curiosity’s sake, then, here are the charts. I wrote a Python script to get the data from Bookkeeper and then charted it all in Numbers. You can click on any month to get a bigger image. X axis is day of month, Y axis is number of pages.

Also: Those two crazy 600-page days in December and April were awesome, but man, they make everything else look small. Oh well.

And my monthly averages:

  • Aug 2011: 36 pages/day
  • Sep 2011: 82 pages/day
  • Oct 2011: 30 pages/day
  • Nov 2011: 38 pages/day
  • Dec 2011: 52 pages/day
  • Jan 2012: 65 pages/day
  • Feb 2012: 48 pages/day
  • Mar 2012: 63 pages/day
  • Apr 2012: 60 pages/day
  • May 2012: 39 pages/day
  • Jun 2012: 66 pages/day

I think I might be a nerd.

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