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Links #45

The Science Museum Group’s Never Been Seen collection. Fun idea. I was the first Internet person to lay eyes on this dental stopper, for example.

Samo Burja on why civilization is older than we thought. Göbekli Tepe, Sumeria, and more.

vfoley on making reasonable use of computer resources. Data-oriented design has now snagged my curiosity. I think about this overall topic fairly often, though I still haven’t done anything about it. Also in this vein: Craig Mod’s essay on fast software.

Robin Sloan on having newsletters live on the web and just emailing out a link instead of the full thing. My own newsletter has been sadly dormant for the past several months, but when I revive it I plan to do this.

Josh W. Comeau on how styled-components works. This was good.

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For people who want updates via email on what I’ve been working on (art, design, writing, coding, etc.), I’ve resurrected my newsletter and dubbed the new incarnation Manmade.

How the newsletter will be different from this blog remains to be seen, but I imagine I’ll probably post more behind-the-scenes material to the newsletter.

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