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Over the weekend I read Ben Kuhn’s post on syntax highlighting and thought the idea sounded intriguing, so I tried it out.

Here’s what I had before (and let me add that I was tweaking my Vim colors a few days before this, so this wasn’t technically my normal setup) (and let me further add that this is fairly old code and not anything particular exciting):


And after, where comments are bold and brighter than the rest of the dim code:


Hmm. This isn’t a perfect implementation of the idea in the least, but even so, I don’t know that I like having comments so predominant.

This does, however, give me several ideas for modifying my existing color scheme (or starting from scratch, which is feeling a bit more likely right now). Something more soothing, less garish. And still some way to make comments stand out more — italics or a somewhat brighter color, probably. (Sidenote: nvim-treesitter has caught my interest.)

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Neovim 0.1.0

Neovim 0.1.0 was released yesterday. I’ve been using an earlier version for a month or two now and all things told, I’m happy with it. My old .vimrc worked fine (though with 0.1.0 the .vimrc has been moved to ~/.config/nvim/init.vim, which will take a bit of getting used to), and everything I’ve needed to use has worked. Vim-plug is nice for managing plugins. I haven’t switched from Syntastic to Neomake yet, but that’s on my todo list for the near future.

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