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Blog: #morrone

Accidentally spent a couple hours working on my Italian-side genealogy (late 1700s and early 1800s in Morrone del Sannio). It had been a while since I’d done much family history — long enough that I’d forgotten how easy it is to get sucked in and completely lose track of time. Whoops. Sorry, contemporary family. For the sake of the fourteen new (or rather old) direct ancestors I found, though, it seems worth it.

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I used to keep track of genealogy research todo items in an app of my own make (Gent), but lately I’ve had better success with a combined todo/notes approach using Google Docs. (I create a document for each family I’m researching — or for groups of families when I feel like it makes sense — and pretty much just use lots of bulleted lists.)

As for the research itself, I recently made compact family charts (I’ll blog about those sometime soon) and have been filling in the gaps in my lines. As part of that, most recently I’ve been sourcing everything on my Iorio line in Morrone del Sannio, since I did most of the research on microfilm back before sourcing was easy. (Sidenote that’s probably also a post for another day: in the last month or so I’ve found that I can now do pretty much all the research on my phone, which has led to a fairly big increase in how much time I spend doing genealogy.)

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