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I’ve updated the rest of the scriptures in Word to match the new formatting, and I’ve added the remaining volumes of scripture to Google Docs as well. I’ve also added First Presidency Christmas devotionals to the Collected Talks.

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Book of Mormon in Word redesigned

I recently realized that I never actually put any design effort into the scriptures in Word. Pretty lackluster:


So I’m now redesigning them. The Book of Mormon is done and released as version 2.0:


I’m still working on the other volumes and hope to release them soon.

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Scriptures in Word

At someone’s request, I recently put together Microsoft Word editions of the LDS standard works, for use as study aids. (The person who requested it is using Word to highlight, annotate, and add footnotes/endnotes.) Verse numbers are included.

Process (for the curious)

I downloaded an SQLite version of the scriptures and wrote a Python script to extract the text in the right order, with markers for the headings. I then copied and pasted the whole thing into Word.

In Word, I did some wildcard-based find-and-replacing to remove the heading markers and apply the appropriate styles, and then I added a hanging indent so the verse numbers are less obtrusive.

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