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Mormon Artist: print edition available

We’d like to announce that the print edition of Issue 1 is now available via the print-on-demand magazine publisher And it costs $10.25 ($8.85 plus $1.40 shipping):

Order Issue 1 from MagCloud

Note #1: will eventually allow you to subscribe to the magazine the way you subscribe to an ordinary magazine, but for now subscribing simply means that you’ll get an email when the next issue is released.

Note #2: While 20 cents per page for print-on-demand is a really good deal, we do hope to someday be able to charge only a few dollars for the magazine, like other magazines. But it’ll take a while to generate that capital, so for now we have slightly higher prices.

Note #3: During MagCloud’s beta period, they’re only shipping to U.S. addresses. If you’d like to buy a copy but live outside the U.S., email us and we’ll work something out.

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