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On Instagram, I’ve decided to split my non-religious art off to its own account, @bencrowderdraws, so I can post other types of art without feeling weird about interrupting the spiritual pieces. I’ll still post everything in one stream here on this blog, though.

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Decided to stop posting my art to Instagram. Some of the features of social media — likes and favorites, more than anything else — mess with my brain, latching on like behavioral barnacles that I can’t scrape off easily other than by exodus and abstention. And so I’ve left.

One of the other reasons for leaving: I’m inescapably fond of being able to craft and form the platform I publish my work on (to wit, this site). I’ll post more in this vein soon, but in the meantime, Zeldman’s recent article on the indie web is worth reading.

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Also, I’ve effectively retired my Twitter account (deleting almost all my tweets, cessation of posting, etc.) and will pretty much only be posting here on this blog. The “what to post where” dilemma is solved, knock on wood. (I do plan to still post new artwork to Instagram and Facebook, at least for now.)

Other reasons for this move: I like running things on my own platform. And Twitter is a (very) mixed bag with a whole host of issues. I don’t think I’ll miss posting to it.

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