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Just came across Flight rules for Git and it’s the kind of thing I’ve wanted for years. For example:

  • “I wrote the wrong thing in a commit message”
  • “I accidentally committed and pushed a merge”
  • “I want to discard specific unstaged files”

Great structure, very helpful. Highly recommended.

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A thought on writing novels

As I’m now starting to get more serious about writing novels, I recently made a list of the next few books I want to write after the one I’m working on, and I ran into an unexpected side effect: knowing what the next few items in the queue are has somehow made writing a novel feel far more doable. It’s now a task that has an ending, rather than being something with no end in sight.

Sidenote: I’m not sure how much I’ll talk here about the novel in progress, at least not until I finish a full draft, but I do plan to talk about tools and process. (For example, I’ll write more about this later, but I’m using Vim with a Git repo and a post-commit hook that generates a print-ready proof PDF of the full book via TeX whenever I commit.)

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