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Just got the framed prints back from the framer, and they’ve turned out lovely:

Photo of framed print propped up against a stack of other prints

For those interested in collecting, here’s what we’ll have at the show:

  • 1/1 signed single edition 12×12″ prints (with frame, they’re 13.5×13.5″), for $199 each
  • Smaller 6×6″ prints of selected pieces, for $12 each
Photo of small unframed prints, some in plastic sleeves

(The perspective here makes the foreground prints look weird. They’re not stretched in real life.)

The reason I’ve decided to make the larger prints single editions, by the way, is to try to make them more like originals. (They’re digital prints.) Hopefully being one of a kind makes them a little more special. This will be the only time these pieces will ever get printed larger than 6×6″!

Last but not least, the show’s opening reception will be this Friday from 6:00–9:00 pm at Writ & Vision.

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I’ve got a new exhibition coming soon! It opens next Friday, February 3, at Writ & Vision in Provo, and runs through Saturday, February 25. The show will feature the twelve illustrations at the head of each chapter of In the Image of Our Heavenly Parents: A Couple’s Guide to Creating a More Divine Marriage (edited by McArthur Krishna and Bethany Brady Spalding).


It’s not up yet on the Writ & Vision gallery page but will be soon.

Edit: here’s the Writ & Vision gallery page.

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Sacred Shapes walkthrough

Long ago before the pandemic, I took some footage of a short walkthrough of my Sacred Shapes exhibit, for those who couldn’t go see it in person. Finally got around to editing it (adding titles and music, nothing major):

I don’t use Premiere very often, so it took a little while to rediscover how to expand the audio track for keyframing levels, and I wish it supported different leading values in multiline textboxes, but overall the editing didn’t take very long and went smoothly enough. Makes me want to make more videos. (Bad idea right now, when school’s about to start.)

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Sacred Shapes exhibition

My first art exhibition, Sacred Shapes, just opened in the BYU library atrium gallery (down on the bottom floor near the auditorium).


It’ll be up till April 27.

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