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Blog: #chinese

A few more parallel language editions of the Book of Mormon:

  • Georgian–English
  • Nepali–English
  • Simplified Chinese–English v2 (the Church updated the text recently)
  • Traditional Chinese–English
  • Traditional Chinese–Simplified Chinese

As mentioned at the end of the third batch post, I was running into an issue with Traditional Chinese where Firefox would hang when I tried to print it. Finally found out that the reason it was hanging was the font — after I switched it from Noto Serif CJK to Noto Serif Traditional Chinese, it started working.

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And some more parallel language editions of the Book of Mormon:

  • Amharic–English
  • Armenian–English
  • Simplified Chinese–English
  • Hindi–English
  • Japanese–English
  • Khmer–English
  • Latvian–English
  • Lingala–English
  • Lithuanian–English
  • Malagasy–English
  • Maori–English
  • Mongolian–English
  • Myanmar–English
  • Persian–English
  • Samoan–English
  • Slovak–English
  • Slovenian–English
  • Tahitian–English
  • Tamil–English
  • Telugu–English
  • Tongan–English
  • Turkish–English
Amharic–English side-by-side edition
Simplified Chinese–English side-by-side edition
Hindi–English side-by-side edition
Persian–English side-by-side edition
Tamil–English side-by-side edition

I think my favorite is the Persian.

Also, I made a traditional Chinese version as well, but Firefox hangs when I try to print it. It’s the only language that happened with. Haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

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