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Links #97

Frederic Edwin Church’s painting Our Banner in the Sky. This type of art is a bit gimmicky, I know, but it’s still fun.

Mandy Brown on risks and benefits, with two angles that aren’t brought up as often. Great points.

Adam Newbold’s printable full-year calendar. I like that this fits on any size paper. This seems like perhaps a better way to distribute charts. (Though I do love the static solidness of PDFs.)

Patrick O’Keefe on some of the production design for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Fun. As I’ve said before, I kind of wish all comic book movies were done in this style.

Jenny Li on how to paint various textures.

Peter Gainsford on the camel, the rope, and the eye of the needle, making the case that the word wasn’t rope after all.

Spencer Ackerman on Henry Kissinger as war criminal.

Asun Álvarez’s interview with Victoria Goddard. Lots of interesting things here for those who’ve read Goddard’s books (or are curious about reading them).

Freight Text, the tasty font that Reactor (formerly Tor.com) is using for body copy.

Mitxela’s tiny spinny volumetric display. Cool.

Lipi’s Ikat Devanagari pixel font. Love this. And chonky pixels in general. (A byproduct of when I grew up, no doubt.)

Lea Verou on eigensolutions “Rather than designing a solution to address only our driving use cases, step back and ask yourself: can we design a solution as a composition of smaller, more general features, that could be used together to address a broader set of use cases?” Yes, this.