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Links #91

Julian Gough on cosmological natural selection and universes, um, reproducing. Look, I have no idea whether he’s right, but regardless: what a fascinating idea.

Devine Lu Linvega on computing and sustainability and permaculture. I think about this often — smaller, simpler systems, little VMs and emulators, and preservation. Not sure yet what it means for my work, but I hope to someday do something in this space.

Nate Bargatze’s “Washington’s Dream” sketch on SNL. Too true. We’ve enjoyed watching Nate’s stand-up comedy specials.

The most spoken languages in each U.S. state besides English and Spanish. Interesting!

Nabil Maynard on the handcrafted artisanal web. It delights me to see more people return to homesteading now that the glamorous yet shoddy apartment towers of social media have begun crumbling.