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Things on my mind #6

  • Drawing with pencil or pen on paper is so much more satisfying than drawing on my iPad.
  • I went dairy-free for three weeks to try to rid myself of the nasal congestion I’ve had for fourteen years. Didn’t work.
  • It was kind of surreal hearing about Lahaina on fire. We visited there back in April, walked up and down Front Street. All of that’s gone now. Sad.
  • Summer has ended and the kids are back in school. I miss having them home during the day.
  • My dad’s headstone was finally installed, almost a year later. I’ve felt an increasing sense of sadness as we approach that first anniversary. The memories from that week of searching for him have been coming back, after lying mostly dormant for months.
  • I need to play around with Blender’s geometry nodes some more.
  • Tried using my iPhone 12 Mini again. Man, do I miss that form factor. So much easier on my hands than the 14. I sure hope the market’s aversion to small phones stops at some point.