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Things on my mind #5

  • The importance of good friendships.
  • Layoffs. Planet laid off 10% of the company early this week, with one casualty from my team. (Better than last time, where every other member of my team was affected. But still sad.) I’ve now lived through three rounds of layoffs in the last fourteen months, which is…a lot. Hoping for more stability in the industry going forward.
  • The recent UAP/UFO hearings. I don’t believe it’s actually aliens (though the science fiction reader in me certainly would not complain), but even natural explanations for some of the exhibited behavior would still be intriguing. And yet Occam’s dull razor says that the most boring explanation will be the one that applies here.
  • Still thinking about taking a break from making new symbolic art for a while. Maybe doing some other kinds of art. Maybe not. We’ll see.
  • Unrelated: I still have a hefty amount of impostor syndrome when it comes to being in the art world (doing exhibitions, etc.). I think part of it comes from being a digital-only artist and part of it comes from the simplistic nature of my art.
  • We’re coming up on one year since my dad disappeared. It’s been in my thoughts a lot lately. Those dates (September 13, when we realized he was gone, and September 16, when we found his body) are burned into my brain.