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Links #90

Whew, didn’t realize it’s been two months since I last posted one of these. Starting to catch up, and going light on commentary to facilitate that:

Dave Karpf on Marc Andreesen’s techno-optimist manifesto.

Dieter Rams Palette. Love this.

Chris Coyier on some new CSS functions.

Hilton F. Japyassú and Kevin N. Laland on spider cognition.

Ben Coxworth on a ten-second voice test that apparently can detect type 2 diabetes.

Roger Pimentel on patriotism and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Agreed.

Guardian writers on school lunches across Europe. This is great.

Jason Kottke on how some English birds were given people’s names. This is also great.

Benjamin Breen on the Herculaneum scroll and cash prizes for historical mysteries.

Jake Lazaroff on web components outliving JavaScript frameworks.

Joanna Thompson on how many animals have ever existed on Earth. Whew! That’s a lot!

John Gruber on the aftermath of gun violence always being the time to push for gun legislation. Yes, yes, yes, 100%.

Vasilis van Gemert on the UX of HTML.

Simon K. Jones on the story loom, an interesting idea about writing.

Roger Pimentel on Tim Ballard and Ezra Taft Benson and the Latter-day Saints’ relationship with the far right. Agreed.