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Links #73

I’ve been a slacker when it comes to posting these, so we’re going to go a little lighter on commentary in an effort to get caught up.

Shin Oh’s Malaysian voxel illustrations. Love these so much.

Harold Cooper’s spinning diagrams with CSS. Fun.

David Popa’s ice floe art. Cool.

BYU campus HFAC demolition video. Sad to see it go — I had plenty of classes and dates there.

Oliver Darkshire with Neil Gaiman’s cover quote for his book. Ha.

Neal Agarwal’s space elevator page. Cool.

Sørvágsvatn, a cool-looking lake in the Faroe Islands.

Victor Tangermann on scientists potentially figuring out how to regenerate lost hearing.

Samuel Arbesman on his upcoming book, The Magic of Code.

Natasha Lomas on hydraulic haptics for touchscreens. Cool. I look forward to something like this going mainstream. Seems like it could be especially helpful for those with impaired vision.

Jo M’s trainbot (stitching together images of passing trains).

Felix Häcker on his IKEA chair making his screen black out. When I read this, I wondered if my IKEA chair was causing the random Bluetooth glitches I’ve been seeing for the past couple years. (Every once in a while — sometimes as often as once a day — the Bluetooth on my laptop would shut off for around thirty seconds, so my earbuds and keyboard and trackpad would stop working. This usually happened during Zoom calls, conveniently. And it happened on several different laptops from different companies.) I changed chairs a couple weeks ago and haven’t had any glitches since then, though it feels still too early to know if the IKEA chair really was the culprit.

François Valentin on old maps and new maps.

Baldur Bjarnason on AI. Agreed, AGI is not near.

James Somers on AI.

Dina Genkina on a new wooden transistor. Cool.

Fabien Sanglard on the polygons of Another World on the Amiga 500.

Robin Hanson on chasing your reading. Agreed. (Though I don’t do it often enough.)

Ben Werdmuller on AI in the newsroom.

Amelia Wattenberger on the UX of chatbots (and how it’s not great because there aren’t any affordances).

Chrome is replacing the lock icon.

Chris Coyier on CSS logical properties.

Jim Nielsen on the web’s backwards compatibility. Yes, 100%.

Andi with a detailed look at WebGPU.

Oliver Burkemann on using “just go to the shed” as a way to start on something.

Molly Templeton on readers being more than just consumers of books.

madhadron on the seven ur programming languages (interesting even if I don’t quite agree on the specific categorizations), also see the discussion on Hacker News.

Jessica Taylor Price on orcas that have been killing sharks and removing their livers.

Mary C. Dyson’s Legibility, an online book about how typography affects ease of reading.

Warp is integrating AI into their terminal.

Vadim Demedes’ Ink. Basically React for CLIs. Interesting.

Naomi Klein on AI. Wise words. This take resonated with me more than most others I’ve read.

Julian Gough on cosmology.

Charlie Becker on doing the weirdest thing that feels right. An interesting lens, might try this.

Jason Kottke on SineRider (Line Rider + math).