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Dan Davison’s delta, a Git differ. Started using this a couple weeks ago and it’s great.

Jeremy Keith on defaulting to a search interface.

Marco Heine on just hitting publish (on one’s blog).

Randall Munroe with a long thread of DALL•E Pokemon. The more historical ones are incredible.

Kathryn Hymes on the psychology of naming inanimate objects and how it’s the opposite of thoughtless consumption.

Lj Miranda on thinking with pen and paper. After reading this I thought about getting back into notebooks, but I don’t know, I think I’m beginning to realize that I’m digital forevermore.

Dreamworks is open sourcing Moonray, their rendering engine. Cool.

GitLab is changing their repo size quotas, for free-tier accounts.

Arne Babenhauserheide’s Wisp, a Lisp using whitespace instead of parentheses.

Patrick Wyatt on building Starcraft. Enjoyed this, along with his first and second posts on building Warcraft.

Adrian Holovaty on websites framebusting out of native apps.

Soundslice’s responsive music player. Nice to see something happening with the responsive sheet music idea.

Lynn Cherny’s Things I Think Are Awesome newsletter. Enjoyed this.

Mathieu Jacomy on drawing maps with Disco Diffusion. Loved these, particularly all the tilt-shift maps along the way.

Douwe Osinga on using DALL•E to create infinite zoom videos. Cool.

Stable Diffusion appears to be quite good at generating faces. This AI art stuff is improving at a startling pace.

BBB3viz with scenes from Piranesi as generated by Midjourney. Haunting.

Anders Brams’ svg-path-morph library. The project video is quite cool.

Piter Pasma’s Skulptuur generative art project. (I’ll mention here, by the way, that it’s annoying how NFTs have taken over generative art. I get why, but it’s still irritating.)

Tissue, a tessellation addon for Blender.

Sverchok, a parametric CAD addon for Blender.

λ-2D, Lingdong Huang’s visual programming language. It’s especially interesting to watch the flow of computation.