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Links — Prints 2.2

Global histories of the Church. Mini-Saints, basically. Looking forward to reading through these once I finish volume 3.

Nicholas Rougeux’s digital edition of J. G. Heck’s Iconographic Encyclopædia of Science, Literature, and Art. So cool.

Nicholas Rougeux’s making-of for his digital edition of A Dictionary of Typography. Also very cool.

Nicholas Rougeux’s digital edition of Byrne’s Euclid. Mmm. I really love those diagrams.

Mark Simonson on the thinking that led to his new Proxima Sera typeface.

Josh Comeau on pixels vs. rems in CSS.

Rest of World’s 2022 international book list. Looking forward to reading several of these.

Ryan Donovan on reading academic computer science papers. Reading papers was one of the highlights of my master’s degree, actually.

Papers We Love, “a community built around reading, discussing and learning more about academic computer science papers.” Lots here.

Katherine Cowley on how many hours it takes her to write a book. This inspired me to start tallying how much time I’m spending on my writing.

3D rendering of the earth without its water. I don’t know how accurate it is, but as art, it looks cool.

Nikhil Vemu on iOS’s built-in flight tracker. Didn’t know about this either.

Tom Critchlow on subterranean blogging. I prefer the subsurface discussions.

Seth Godin on the smallest viable audience. An intriguing idea.

BYU’s detailed 3D model of campus. Fun to explore.

Letter in Support of Responsible Fintech Policy, from computer scientists, technologists, and developers. Signed it.

Eric Barker on peer pressure. I finished reading this and immediately bought his new book.

Bert Hubert on reverse engineering the source code for the Pfizer Covid vaccine. So, so, so cool.

Matt Webb on DALL-E 2 and prompt engineering. I got access to the Midjourney beta a week or two ago and tried it out. It’s a weird, uncanny new world. Some of the outputs are incredible. (Hard to know how much is actually new vs. pulled straight from existing images, though.)

Phillip Isola with an interesting DALL-E 2 result.

Craig Hockenberry on IconFactory’s new WorldWideWeb app. Serve a folder up on iOS, accessible on your local network. Worked like a charm — I added a simple index.html to an iCloud Drive folder and started the server on my phone, and my wife was able to access it right away. This is great.