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Links #57

Eric Chiang’s pup, a jq-like command-line tool for parsing HTML.

Scaife Viewer from the Open Greek and Latin Perseus Digital Library. Cool.

BrachioGraph, a cheap, simple DIY pen plotter. This one would be fun to build.

Leo McElroy’s SVG-PCB, which takes a code description and outputs PCB designs in SVG.

The Quill to Live on the best SFF of 2022. Some good recommendations.

Peter Baker’s Ygt, a TrueType hinting app. Peter wrote the textbook we used in my Old English class many years ago. He also designed the Junicode font.

Swyx on everything we know about ChatGPT, as of the beginning of December. (Which I acknowledge was eons ago in AI time.)

InvokeAI, another Stable Diffusion wrapper.

Jonas DeGrave and Frederic Besse built a VM inside ChatGPT. Sort of, anyway. This is pretty crazy stuff.

Tobias Ahlin on GitHub’s new open source variable fonts, Mona Sans and Hubot Sans. Nice.