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The splitting of the blog

As a heads up, in the near future I’m going to be splitting this blog into several. The main reason is that the audiences for the things I want to blog about often have very little overlap, and the ever-present sense of alienating segments of my readers weighs heavy on me and makes me not blog much at all.

Right now, I believe these will be the different blogs (and no consolidated feed in the works at this point):

  • Coding/web/technology (Python, Vim, etc.)
  • Mormon stuff
  • Reading/writing/books (sf&f, history, science, etc.)
  • Design/publishing/typesetting
  • Art
  • Miscellaneous (personal, etc.)

I’ll be writing a new blog engine (in Django) to run this, mostly for fun, and also to fit my workflow better. (This blog is currently on WordPress.)

Also, I’ll be pruning old posts, deleting anything that doesn’t accurately represent me now. Anything that makes me cringe, if we’re being honest.

Expectation is for this all to happen sometime in February. Blog engines aren’t very hard to write (this’ll be my third or fourth), but going through 2,600 posts will take some time.