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In-progress: Unbindery

I’ve been spending more time on the Mormon Texts Project (we’re almost done with The Life of Heber C. Kimball, by the way), and I’ve realized that having a nice integrated system for assigning and editing pages would make things much easier. Enter Unbindery:

My friend Rikker and I started Unbindery a few years ago, but it petered out before it got off the ground, and there it languished until a month or two ago. Since then, I’ve gotten the core up and running and it’s now usable enough to start doing actual MTP work with it. (Taking OCRed text and cleaning it up, that is.) I still have a lot of polish left to do, though.

It’s written in PHP and Javascript and I’ll be releasing it on GitHub in the near future, once I clean up the source a bit.