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Transparent Textures

Here’s how to make a transparent texture actually be transparent — handy for paper cutouts, puppets, and much more.

Indirect Lighting

Been wondering how to do indirect lighting in Blender? Here’s how. (P.S. It’s easy.)

More about Blender Quicktips

Say what?

Bite-size Blender tutorials, basically. Sure, that means leaving out a lot of extra information, but hey, you’re smart — go forth and tinker.


I don’t want to watch a thirty-minute tutorial to learn how to do something that should only take twenty seconds or half a page to explain. Besides, most of the time I just need to know where the setting is and what kind of values I need to use.

Will you do a tutorial on [x, y, or z]?

Email me to let me know what [x, y, or z] is. Chances are, the answer’s yes.

Who are you?

Ben Crowder, a writer/designer/coder/artist hybrid. I’m on Twitter (@bencrowder), and you can email me at