Blogging is low on the priority list at the moment, thanks to school. The preliminary classes for the master’s degree are going well. I’m writing assembly for my computer systems class, and I have to say, I really like assembly. (No sarcasm.) It’s beautiful and simple in a way I didn’t expect. I don’t see myself using it much, but it’s a good tool for the belt.

Unrelated to school, I’ve been dabbling more with Rust and Go. I’m not a huge fan of Go’s syntax, but I’m going to write a few web services in it — maybe a replacement engine for this blog — and see if my opinion changes. (The goal is to see if single-binary deployment is worth it, as an alternative to Python and Django for small web things.)

Rust, on the other hand, hits a sweet spot for me with general syntax and with language features (pattern matching, particularly). I can easily see myself using it for anything where I would have used C or C++. (And it has more promise than D or Nim.) The plan is still to use Rust when I finally get around to writing Ink and related tools.

(I should probably add that I still plan to keep using Python, though perhaps not as often. We’ll see.)

Oh, one last thing: with Press, I realized a few days ago that it’s a good candidate for the first implementation of Low Ink (a JSON-based page description language that compiles to PDF). I’ll be re-architecting that part of Press so that it uses Low Ink. Also hoping to finish up the text part of Press (HarfBuzz, etc.) soon so that it’s usable for more than just basic drawing. (I’m dealing with font subsetting and encoding stuff at the moment.)