Human (most days). Books (sf&f, history, science), writing, art, design, coding, typesetting, dead languages, genealogy, Mormon. Software engineer at BYU library.

Featured areas

  • Mormon materials Mormon materials

    Various editions of the scriptures, collected talks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, etc.

  • Language charts Languages

    Script/grammar charts, ebooks, etc. for Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Egyptian, and more.

  • Art Art

    Religious art and illustrations.

Other site areas

  • Books

    Ebooks, mostly classics, fairy tales, etc.

  • Coding

    Games, tools, mostly Python/web.

  • Design

    Charts, templates, etc.

  • Genealogy

    Design, software, research.

  • Music

    Songs, compositions.

  • Writing

    Stories, poems, essays, plays.