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Still Eating Oranges on the significance of plot without conflict. I ended up using kishōtenketsu with the story I’m about to release.

Erlend Hamberg’s short overview of GTD. Helpful refresher.

Swarthmore’s explanation of the rope-around-the-earth puzzle. Hadn’t heard of this before but I love it.

Alex Trost on generative SVG grids. Fun.

Victor Shepelev reverse engineering {Shan, Shui}*. Love this.

George Francis on generative textures. I haven’t been doing art lately but this makes me want to get back into it.

The Verge on being able to edit and unsend iMessages in iOS 16. Finally. Finally.

Joris Peters et al. on where chickens were originally domesticated. (Appears to be central Thailand.)

Artvee, free high-resolution public domain art. So much to see here!

Huge straw sculptures at Japan’s Wara Art Festival. These are amazing.

The Browser Company on optimizing for feelings. Intrigued to see where this leaads.

Blender 3.2 is out.

Paul Katsen using GPT-3 in a spreadsheet. Weird new worlds!

“Farm vehicles approaching weights of sauropods exceed safe mechanical limits for soil functioning.” Obviously a bad thing, but the title delights me for inexplicable reasons.

Robin Sloan on his new Spring ’83 protocol. I love new internet protocols. I’m thinking about borrowing the idea and implementing it as a “whiteboard” page on my site. Kind of like my now page, in that it would be updated periodically. But this would have its own style (rather than inheriting the overall site style). No idea yet if it would actually be useful or usable, but the idea intrigues me.

Len Falken on posting plain text. Interesting idea. The lightweightness of it, in particular.

Nicholas Rougeux’s 17th-century watercolor swatches. Love this. Also see the making of.

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