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Budget Bytes. Low-budget recipes.

Hillel Wayne on Donald Knuth and that literate programming competition. Literate programming appeals to me. Haven’t done anything with it yet, though.

Matt Webb on how Apple seems to be mainstreaming Alan Kay’s inventions. Intriguing.

Waylon Walker on how he navigates in tmux. Planning to adopt some of this.

Hsiaoming Yang on styling RSS feeds with XSL. I somehow had no idea you could do this. Definitely planning to do this soon.

Andrew Blum and Carey Baraka on Google and Meta laying down underwater Internet cables for Africa. Not really a fan of big corporations anymore. Everything good that comes out of them seems laced with society-killing poison. (Too harsh?)

Ryan Dahl on JavaScript containers. While the post itself is so-so, the idea of web-specific containers intrigues me. Feels like there’s something useful in that space. (I’m mostly coming at this from the perspective of wanting to simplify running apps on the web.)

Ingvar Stepanyan on using WebAssembly threads with C, C++, and Rust. Good to know.

Tania Rascia on building a web accordion with the WebAudio API. Cool! Makes me want to build something like that. I’ve been avoiding it lately because the web is ephemeral and I’d prefer to spend my time on things that have a chance at lasting longer, but that argument doesn’t always matter.

Will Boyd with a deep dive into text wrapping and word breaking in CSS. Learned some useful things.

Rosemary Scott on the recent discovery of how and why infants die from SIDS. And hopefully in the near future we’ll be able to keep it from happening.

DALL•E 2 from OpenAI. This and Midjourney are getting crazy good. It’s a weird new world we’re entering. I’m intrigued by the idea of using output from these as reference for other art. (Still on the waiting list for both.)

Lincoln Michel on AI-generated literature. Agreed.

Hugo Landau on mildly dynamic websites. This. For the last few years I’ve been craving something server-side like PHP (intertwined, no separate running process needed) but with a better language.

Matthew Claxton on Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter and the failure of the long tail. I try to make time for less-known authors periodically so that I’m not only reading well-known books. It’s hit and miss, but the hits make up for the misses in my view.

Brian Lovin on incrementally correct personal websites. Agreed. And an interesting three-pane design on desktop.

Nick Scialli on Solid.js feeling like what he always wanted React to be. Intriguing.

The Church’s virtual tour of the D. C. Temple. We enjoyed showing this to our kids.

Matthew Claxton on Martha Wells pre-Murderbot books.

2022 Nommo Awards shortlist. I’d never heard of this (or the African Speculative Fiction Society) before, but I’m glad I have! Looking forward to reading some of these.

Artle, from the National Gallery of Art. I am no good at this.

Wendy Reid on the EPUB 3.3 standard moving to Candidate Recommendation status. Crazy that EPUB 3 has been out for ten years already.

Bionic Reading. An interesting idea. Not sure how I feel about it. The typesetter in me is struggling with it.

Matty B’s Pro Hatch brushes for Procreate. Got these, looking forward to doing something with them sometime.

Jessica Stillman on reading tips from Stripe co-founder Patrick Collison. While I’m less and less enamored of capitalism and billionaires, I still like hearing about people who read.

Markdoc, Stripe’s Markdown extensions.

Matthias Ott on blogging. Also his second post in the series. If any of you have a blog that I don’t know about, email me the link!

Duotrigordle, a 32-at-a-time Wordle. I initially thought it was completely mental, but once you get to ten or so guesses it’s mostly downhill since you have so many guesses to work off of. (I say this as if I play it regularly. In reality, I tried it once and probably won’t play it again, because I’d rather spend my leisure time reading.)