Words of the Prophets

About the book

Words of the Prophets: Selected Sermons from the Book of Mormon is a compilation of twenty-two of my favorite sermons from the Book of Mormon. I’ve stripped out the verse and chapter numbers and reparagraphed the text, but the words themselves haven’t changed.

Why the project? After all, we already have the Book of Mormon in dozens of editions — not only the Church’s standard editions but also those by Doubleday and Penguin, several reader’s editions, a critical text, and more. Why add another one to the pile?

I love the sermons. That’s why. They’re the parts I love most about the Book of Mormon, and I wanted to give them a little extra attention.

Beyond that, breaking things into chapters and verses sometimes gets in the way, making us see these texts as chopped-up tiny units instead of the cohesive wholes that they are. (Verses and chapters are great for reference, I should add.) Anyway, this is simply another way to look at the text — it’s neither better nor worse.

It’s my hope that this book will help people see the Book of Mormon with new eyes and fall in love with it all over again. There are treasures in these pages.

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  • 1.4 (26 Jun 2012): Fixed several typos
  • 1.3 (4 Jan 2012): Added Alma 33 to chapter 12 in EPUB/Kindle editions
  • 1.2 (28 Sep 2011): Fixed typo in chapter 11 heading in EPUB/Kindle/PDF editions
  • 1.1 (12 Sep 2011): Kindle release plus formatting updates for EPUB
  • 1.0 (30 Jun 2010): Initial EPUB release
  • 1.0 (29 Jul 2009): Initial PDF/Lulu release