The Book of Mormon: Study Edition

About the book

This study edition has extra large margins, to make it easier to take notes.

Why there are two editions: the 538-page edition came first, but Lulu’s coil binders can’t handle more than 470 pages, and printing the whole book yourself at a copy shop ends up being cost-prohibitive (upwards of $60), so I retypeset the book, bringing it down to 448 pages, and put it on Lulu.

If you want the whole thing printed, I recommend the Lulu edition. If you only want a chapter or two, I recommend printing it yourself from the 538-page edition.

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  • 1.1 (6 Apr 2015): Fixed a typo in the original (“the the”), dropped Lulu price from $20.45 to $17.45 (they changed the minimum price I could set)
  • 1.0a (16 Dec 2013): Lulu release
  • 1.0 (27 Nov 2013): Initial release (PDF)