Goodbye, PHP

Yesterday I came across an article on PHP’s bad design practices that woke me up a little. I started using Python a couple years ago on some projects and I’ve loved it. Pure delight. It’s not a perfect language, but it feels so good to me. Coding is more fun and things just come together. It’s uncanny.

I don’t know why I’ve put up with using PHP all this while. My sole reason for writing apps like Bookkeeper, Donne, and Unbindery in PHP instead of Python was that it’s easier for people to deploy PHP on shared hosting, but I don’t think that’s as much of an issue these days.

So, FYI, I’ll be using Python instead of PHP for coding projects going forward. Mmm.


It’s funny, I actually had the same reaction after reading that article. I know I will need to maintain my current PHP applications but, I think Python will be my choice going forward.

Joseph: I used [Tornado]( for my private family blog engine and Google App Engine for [Pedigree](/blog/2010/03/pedigree-chart-sharing/), but those are the only real web apps I’ve written in Python so far. (Everything else has been scripts I run locally.)

I like Tornado a lot, but I’ll be looking at Flask and other frameworks (there are [a lot]( over the next bit to see which I like best. (Django is a bit too big of a framework for my taste, though. I like small frameworks.)

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