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20 great things about dating a writer

I’m a writer, and this 20 great things about dating a writer post completely nails it. That’s me, folks. I should print this out and give it to girls when I ask them out. :P

I just realized that I rarely post links on here anymore. That’s because I’m posting everything to Twitter, which has largely replaced blogging for me other than long-format posts like the London trip writeups (which I’ll continue as soon as I get the next issue of my magazine out the door). (Speaking of which, the New York Times reporter who I haven’t told you about yet emailed me back and still wants to interview me about MagCloud. That’ll probably happen this week sometime.) (You’ll hear about him on Day Six of my London trip writeup.)

Anyways, what I meant to say was, most of my blogging isn’t happening here anymore, so if you’re wondering why the stream has dried up, hie on over to Twitter and you’ll find it pretty much flooding there. :)


I read that after you and a few other people posted it and I loved it. It made me want to date a writer, lol. I don’t know about the others, but I know the final one is true. Creative, smart, bookish, writer people are so attractive.

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